4 Reasons Why You Should Get Fire Rated Roller Shutters Installed

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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Fire Rated Roller Shutters Installed

Fire rated roller shutters are a significant addition to your organization if your work profile includes dealing with activities related to the fire. Of course, it pays to be extra careful about the safety of your employees and your physical resources. Fire rated roller shutters are the best bet when it is protection from the fire you are looking for. They are manufactured specifically for the purpose of providing protection in case of a fire break-out. They come equipped with the mechanism to detect fire and activate automatically as a safety procedure. So let’s take a look at the points which are in the favor of Fire Shutters

1. Ensure a safe exit

A fire break- out causes panic and people start rushing everywhere in confusion. Sectional doors or fire rated roller shutters ensure that the employees remain safe from fire as they shut the burning area off. They also ensure that the people don’t get trapped inside and can rush outside to safety as soon as possible.

2. Maximum protection

They ensure maximum protection as they are delivered for your use after going through a battery of stringent quality assurance tests. They also come in the glazed or powder coated finish to ensure maximum safety from the fire hazard.

3. Easy to use

Fire Shutters are simple to use and easy to operate. They get activated automatically if they detect fire, irrespective of the fact that they are connected to a fire alarm system or form a standalone system. Given their high utility features, it could be difficult yet compulsory to integrate them with the existing architecture of the building. But here also, they win hands down as they are made in such a way that they can be integrated with the existing structure without much problem.

4. Control other factors as well

They offer great versatility as they let you enjoy your privacy, light, and ventilation. You can simply put them down or up according to your light requirement. Ventilation also can be controlled by keeping the drafts out. So it won’t be surprised if we call it peace of mind in a single piece.