4 Solid Reasons To Choose Timber Over The PVC U-Windows

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4 Solid Reasons To Choose Timber Over The PVC U-Windows

While turning your home in dream house of appealing look the common question that can make you to scratch your head in which one is better timber or PVC?

But the following four facts can help you in finding the answer to your question. The four positive aspects of timber that has been proved by specific research reports can help you to get the decision of choosing timber over the PVC u- windows.

Why choose timber windows and doors?

For your home, you want the best and perfect fit that cannot only makes your home to look beautiful and stylish but also lasts for a long time. Studies have proven that timber is the nature’s excellent gift with which we can work for a long time. Following four reasons can make your decision of choosing timber for your home, rational one.

Service life and warranties

According to studies the windows and doors made up of timber has almost double lifespan than the uPVC windows or doors. In simple words, an average life of PVC windows and doors is 30 years approximately but the timber gives a life of 60 years to windows and doors. So the guarantees and warranties offered with timber products are making the best choice.


Timber windows are good for the environment as these are Carbon neutral and are renewable sources of nature. Moreover, the timber wood comes from only FSC certified forests. It means the timber windows and doors are environment-friendly as they absorb more CO2 from the environment and even come from the sustainable and responsibly managed source so can be chosen not only for best home appearance but for environmental sake also.

High performance

Durability and performance is the prime factor that can affect our buying decision for any product. Performance of timber windows makes them market leaders. Timber is strong and natural insulator along with the feature of renewability so it is superb performing product that can save your cost and can give the desired look to your property.

According to studies, timber is nature’s masterpiece that could help you in saving your cost, efforts and can add value to your property. Timber can also give glazing look to your home as we offer a range of designs in triple glazed windows and doors that are energy efficient and perfect solution for your home.

Commitment to meet the standardsCommitment to meet the standards

Timber offers many benefits to you as these highly durable wooden solution having 60 years of lifespan can give the stylish, practical and perfect look to your home. Timber windows and doors have the efficiency to meet the standards offered by them as they are verified for their outstanding performance, energy ratings and even they are known as the perfect solution for security reasons too. Strong and durable timber windows save your cost for years as these are lifetime investment solution for you.

All in all, if you have chosen timber for your property then there will not be any step of repentance during the life time journey.