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5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep And Awesome Benefits Of Roller Shutters By Adv

Sleep is an important part of our routine. It is the resting phase of our schedule which helps us in rejuvenating our bodies and  repair our internal wear and tear. If we suffer from poor quality sleep, we will not be able to function efficiently. On the other hand, a good sleep schedule will give you a spring in your step and vitality to your body. According to a study, a good sleep gives you –

  1. Improved brain functionality
  2. Muscle repair and recovery
  3. Rectifying the hormonal balance
  4. Your longevity gets a boost
  5. Skin rejuvenation
  6. Good for your heart
  7. Fat-fighting capacity

What if I told you that there is a deep connection between sleep and shutters? Lower your raised eyebrows and read the following lines, you will figure out what connection  the two have –

Roller shutters are the best option if you want to have peace of mind. You will feel safe and secure with the installation since it is the best form of physical security one can get. With the installation of these roll-up doors come the gift of good and peaceful sleep. Well, that is just one of the advantages you will have with the shutters, there are many more in store. While they help improve your sleep, we recommend some more things to improve your nocturnal tryst with rest-


  • Have a bedtime ritual 


Unwind yourself at the day’s end by taking some time off for yourself. Take a warm bath with essential oils and read a good book to lull yourself to sleep.


  • Reduce your screen Time 


The blue light streaming from the mobile phone and laptops is detrimental for your sleep. It inhibits the production of melatonin from the brain. Melatonin is a chemical which indicates that the time for sleeping has come. The blue light from the screens wakes up the brain instead and blocks your sleep.

  1. Reduce the lighting in your room

It will help you sleep better if you dim the lights of your room. Harsh bright lights are known to block the production of melanin. Well, you know what it means for your sleep, don’t you?

  1. Block the lights 

Sleep in a room with roller shutters which blocks out the light such as sunlight or street light.

Sleeping in a pitch-black room will help in inducing sleep. The light can be distracting to an extent that you might end up with a restless night.

  1. Ensure Noise Reduction 

Reducing noise is a great way to have a good sleep. Now, what else but shutters will protect you from unwanted noise due to the street traffic? So you have one more reason to love the shutters!