7 Tips To Burglar-proof Your House

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7 Tips To Burglar-proof Your House

Our homes are the most important place on Earth for us. One can never be too sure about securing it 100 percent. Of course, it counts if you are aware of anti-burglary tips and tricks to keep the potential criminals in check. But one can attain mental peace by getting Security Shutters installation done. We offer roller shutters to secure your premises. In addition, you could nip the criminal’s efforts in the bud with the following tips –

1. Identify The Vulnerable Points –

Take a round of your home and identify if any point could serve as an entry point to the burglars. Police teams also provide the service of supplying an assessment of your property’s weak points. Be careful of the expensive things lying in the view of the windows. These can act as an incentive for the thieves and it is best to move them away from a direct view.

2. Secure Your Valuables

Store your expensive items like cars and bikes in the garage area. Keep other items like cash and jewelry in a secure locker.

3. Set Up a Security System

Get security cameras and motion sensors installed in your property along with security shutters so that you get a good night’s sleep.

4. Have A Cordial Relationship With Your Neighbors

Neighbors are the best people to guard over your property in your absence. Be in their good books and request them to keep an eye on your property when you are on a vacation.

5. Keep An Eye On The Movement Around The House

Keep an eye on the strangers repeatedly walking by or visiting the area for no apparent reason. Be on your guard of you notice unfamiliar vehicles doing the rounds in your vicinity or showing up at unearthly hours.

6. Keep an eye on potential criminals posing as salesmen or donation collectors. It could be an exercise to test your surveillance mechanism.

7. Be aware of strangers asking for a glass of water or directions. They could be disguised burglars just checking if someone is there in the house.

8. Discourage strangers who take pictures of your home and just walk away. Indeed it is a strange action if you are not as famous as a Hollywood Star.