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8 Garage security Tips by ADV

Garages hold a lot of important items like vehicles, sports equipment, and tools. They often hold the entrance to the home. Their possession and their position often make them a weak spot as far as security is concerned. Well, we want to offer some tips which will help you in securing the garages. Of course, installing roller shutters is a significant action which we highly recommend.

Protect your garage from getting burgled

Burglars often use hooks for pulling down the release from the garage shutter. Using this technique, they can enter your house any time. You can prevent this from happening by fastening the release to the motor track.

Don’t keep it open without any purpose

Don’t keep the garage door open even if you are working in the garden as they can very well sneak behind your back. Don’t be fooled by the thought that your presence will deter the burglars. They might take advantage of a moment in which you are not so careful.

Use the Service Door

We already know that a service door provides access to your garage. Due to this fact, it is a weak spot and poses a potential threat to your safety. This roll-up door should be as secure as your front door, considering its crucial location.

Keep the Entry Door locked

The door which provides access to the rest of your house from the garage must be kept locked at all times. It will help in keeping your house secure when you are away or sleeping.

Keep Your Garage Windows Covered

It’s a good idea to keep your garage doors covered. The burglars can have a good look at your goods through the windows and size up whether they should enter your garage or not. Keeping the windows covered will decrease the chances of temptation. You can use curtains, blinds or a frosted window film to keep them covered.

Invest in some Lighting 

The burglars can lurk in the dark areas around your house. Introduce motion-activated lights which will track any movement near the house. Investing in it will keep the burglars away.

Be careful about your Remote 

Due to ease of operation, many people commit the folly of keeping their garage door opener remotes in their cars. However, it is an unsafe practice as the burglar can enter your home if he manages to break into your car. It is a good idea to attach the remote to your keychain. Keeping it with you all the time will definitely be great for your safety.

Install a Garage Opener

Use the latest technology smart garage doors which come equipped with safety features. These doors can be opened with smartphone apps thus providing ultimate security and control.