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Adding An Extra layer of security with roller shutters

Security is the utmost concern for the house as well as for a business owner. No doubt, there are different options in the market for security but we need to choose the best one. This is why the demand for security shutters is on the rise. This guide will give you a better understanding of how the shutters are an added layer of security.


When you shift to a new place or get your place renovated, making sure that your decor is perfect is an essential aspect. Additionally, security is another major factor that needs to be taken care of all year round.

Investing in the plantation shutters is great for aesthetics and security. In earlier times curtains were installed for this purpose but they were not that effective in controlling the light and visibility. Whereas with the roller shutters, both these aspects are completely fulfilled. In simple words, the installation of shutters is like an additional layer of security along with the increased resale value and enhanced home aesthetics.

  • Controlled Visibility

Once the plantation shutters are opened, you can easily look outside without any obstruction. When you shut them, you can adjust the panels and limit what can be seen from outside. According to the panel angle, you will be able to see outside but preventing people from passing by your house to peek inside.

With the downward-facing angle, the view of your home will be better. The intruder view will be limited with the louver panel angle at upward limits. You can adjust the lower panel and adjust the amount of light you want inside the home.

*Important Note: Make sure to call the professionals right away for the roller shutter repair when the working is not smooth or proper. To prevent mishappening or further damage, do not operate the shutter until the professionals get it checked.

  • Limit Entry when latched closed

Plantation shutters are durable and when latched closed it helps to prevent unwanted access to the building. The best part is that the shutters can be installed at the door as well as the windows. Many thieves or burglars attempt to break-in to the house through windows, but the shutters will work as a strong barrier.

At ADV, the shutters are made with the sturdiest material and crafted with perfection to give you peace of mind.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

One of the best features of the shutters is its aesthetic value. You can get the shutters in different colors, styles, and designs. By getting the shutters customized, you can get them fit to the window perfectly which is not possible with blinds or curtains. It means, whether the shutter is installed outside or inside the visual appeal of your place will increase.

Security is extremely important and with the shutters, you can get the added layer of security. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our experts to get the best quality shutter.