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ADV: Why We Are The Best Choice for Shutters

It is a known fact that a company which is known for its superior products and quality service is the best bet when you choose to get a roller shutter installed. ADV undoubtedly fits the bill when it comes to choosing the best candidate for a roller shutter company. ADV has been handling each and every step of roller shutters right from manufacturing to installation to providing shutter repair and maintenance services. Naturally, we don’t need to advertise that we are indeed the best company if you are on a lookout for any service related to shutters. We have been handling shutter repair and installation services for decades and that is one of the reasons we know our business inside out. We believe in catering to the varied taste of our esteemed clientele, therefore we are constantly evolving by incorporating innovation into our products. You can very well get an idea of our progressive ideas by running a look through our heterogeneous range of products-

1. Solid Roller shutters-This is the most basic design of roller shutters. It is manufactured with a metal such as steel or aluminum. They offer high security, such roller shutters are available in the single skinned or double skinned forms.

2. Fire rated roller shutters

These are built specifically for providing protection from fire. They are built of material which has a high degree of thermal resistance. They come equipped with heat sensors so that they are successful in shutting off the area under fire to protect it from spreading.

3. High-speed roller shutters-These are manufactured specially for operating at high speed. They are used at places where the high-speed operation is required for either security purposes or maintaining a minimum temperature. Places like clean rooms or food preservation stores are ideal examples.

4. Perforated roller shutters

These shutters prove to be the best choice if one wants to ensure high security but would not want to compromise on the ventilation and sunlight. The perforation helps the light and natural air to stream in.

5. Toughened glass roller shutters

The shop owners who want to have the best of visibility and security can choose this option. It is the top choice if you want to convert your front into 24*7 advertising device while you can enjoy life by being least worried about the security of your goods. You can choose the glass fitted in the metallic frame or you could go for the latest addition: toughened glass which doesn’t need any frame for its support. Truly, it signifies grace at its best.