Advantages of Steel Fire Rated Doors for Business

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Advantages of Steel Fire Rated Doors for Business

Security is a man’s basic need. Lack of security even threatens the basis of our existence. It, therefore, all the more necessary to opt for measures which ensure the security of our loved ones and those who work for us. We already know that shutters are the best features which we can install at our homes or offices to ensure the security of our near and dear ones. Besides the usual roller shutters, we can also opt for fire rated doors. Fire rated doors are special type of doors which are manufactured specifically for the purpose of fire prevention.

Why fire doors?

Many of the urban people opt for wooden doors. They are a common feature in the residential as well as commercial buildings. They have their advantages but they score a poor low if you consider their fire retardation qualities. Neither are they able to withstand extremely high temperatures  , nor are they able to offer ample protection during such an emergency. If you are looking for absolute fire protection, then it is best to opt for doors specially formulated for such usage. ADV excels in the manufacture of such doors. These are referred to as fire rated doors. These doors are made of fire-resistant material like glass, steel, vermiculite, and gypsum. These doors help in restricting the spread of fire. With these doors, the fire doesn’t spread from 1 part of the building to the other. Naturally, these doors are a boon to the buildings or areas which are fire prone.

Fire rated doors: why are they irreplaceable?

A person living in a fire-prone area or specializing in an occupation which deals with fire should get a fire rated door installed in his building. As we know, these doors inhibit the spread of fire once it has been ignited. But the presence of fire rated doors also helps in keeping the area under fire as restricted as possible. The doors get activated as soon as they detect the presence of fire. They shut down and seal off the area under fire, which helps in the prevention of spreading of fire. This, in turn, grants people ample time to evacuate the building and ensure the safety of its human resources. The damage to the property is also minimized with the doors as the fire fails to damage much of the area.

Depending on the quality and type of manufacturing, the doors can withstand the fire and keep it restricted for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Such doors are made of materials highly resistant to heat and extreme temperature. These doors can be installed at crucial entry and exit points, but they can also be installed at stair enclosures, exit corridors, and horizontal exits. You can also use them to segregate fire-safe zones or evacuation areas, which can be used during evacuation.