All Things You Should Know About Fire Doors

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All Things You Should Know About Fire Doors

The doors should be designed and manufactured in such a way that they provide protection against different conditions. They should close or open easily at the time of emergency specifically when there is fire. For this purpose, fire doors are the best option for both commercial and industrial building. Fire doors help in controlling the spread of fire in your apartment or building. If the doors are professionally made and installed properly then they will surely control the damage. However, if you don’t install the fire doors then in your building then you might have a suffer huge loss and damage to your property. There are many companies that manufacture fire doors according to the requirement of the customer. There are different services which also include emergency shutter repair.

Working of Fire Doors

There are 3 main properties that the fire doors should perform i.e. the doors should control the spread of fire, reduce the spread of smoke between different parts of the building and it should provide the person a safe exit.

One of the important parts of the fire door structure is intumescent strips as it holds the fire door assembly. This also determines the fire door rating. When there is spread of fire, the strips expand and they seal the gap between the frame and the door edges. The intumescent strips are fitted within the door frame or in the door edge. The smoke seal prevents the smoke of fire from spreading into the building. It is also important that the doors should be made with the required standards only.

Installation of Fire Door

Standards doors can be installed on your own, but it is important to get the installation of fire doors by a professional. The door structure contains different components and parts. It is difficult to understand which parts need to go where and if they are not installed properly then it will not function according to the way it needs to. The different components are frames, ironmongery ( handles, locks, and hinges) and all the components need to be CE marked. The requirement and working of every door are different so you should not install the doors on your own. It is best to install the door by a professional.

Maintenance of fire doors

If you want to get benefits of installing fire doors then it is also necessary to maintain the fire doors. Every six months you should ask the professionals to update the fire security system.