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Are your Roller Shutters a Safe Bet?

Maintenance of Roller shutters

Proper maintenance of Roller shutters is absolutely essential to ensure that you not only increase its lifespan but also increase its safety quotient. Any type of machinery is bound to need maintenance and care with the passage of time. It is especially recommended when a malfunction might endanger the safety of the people in and around the organization concerned. Roller shutters can be quite dangerous if they break down. Any flaws in the running of the shutter should be repaired on a priority basis as it can prove hazardous in the long run. Shutter repair should be taken up as soon as possible.

Regulations regarding Roller Shutters

UK has two types of regulations as far as shutters are concerned. One of them pertains to safety in the workplace and the other pertains to the use of machines and equipment. Under both regulations, any powered door or piece of machinery is to of recommended Under their guidelines, any powered door or machinery should be regularly serviced and checked for flaws so that it doesn’t prove hazardous for the people and vehicles around it. History has witnessed many accidents and deaths due to the careless treatment of the roller shutters.

How to maintain Roller Shutters?

How to maintain Roller Shutters?

Maintaining Roller shutters basically, need two steps-Regular servicing and repair work as and when required. Please heed the following guidelines-

Regular servicing

A regular servicing schedule is the best way to maintain shutters in safe and perfect running condition. The servicing schedule depends on the frequency of the usage. A frequently used shutter should be serviced twice a year while shutters which are used infrequently need servicing after a period of 4-5 years. A shutter used for a car park is used frequently, therefore, falls in the first category. The shutters used for domestic purposes fall in the second category.

Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance

Notwithstanding the frequency of use, a proper maintenance routine should be undertaken to ensure the safety of everyone around. It will also benefit the roller shutters as it will help in maintaining the shutters for a long time. It is also crucial that the repair work should be carried out by a qualified engineer. Roller shutter repair in London has been made easy with our services. Our team excels in repair and maintenance work of the shutters. Please contact us if you need roller shutter repair services. It must also be kept in mind that the shutters should not be used until they have been verified that they are in the perfect running condition.

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