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Automatic Door Repair In North London – Automatic Doors Installation in North London

Automatic Doors Maintenance Guide

Automatic doors are a wish come true. How beautifully the doors work to open before you walk in and close automatically after you have entered. Such things were only imaginable until a few years ago. But with the advent of modern technology, we have a door system which knows when to open and when to close. Automatic doors are doors which open and close automatically when a person is trying to enter or exit. It is especially a blessing in cases where the person trying to enter or exit is disabled or a normal one with a load full of heavy bags. A gentle reminder for all the people out there who want automatic door installation.ADV is the best choice you can make for automatic door repair as well as installation. So if you are looking for Automatic doors in North London, opt for us-its that simple. They come in various kinds:

1. Swing Operating Automatic Doors

It uses an electromechanical mechanism to operate. It opens the door automatically, holds the door open and closes the door after some time.

2. Sliding Automatic Doors

These are operated in a way such that the leaf of the door is pulled to the side. It is commonly seen in malls, shopping areas, hotels, and surgery rooms in hospitals.

Both the options operate efficiently and maintain a smooth flow of traffic. These doors have sensors installed in them which help in recognizing that a person is approaching the door. The sensors trigger the doors to open when a person approaches. The most commonly used sensors are light beams or Photo Cells. When there is some obstacle in their path, the light beam will break, triggering the action of opening.

Infrared sensors are also being used nowadays. They are considered much safer and more efficient.

Push Button

A push button option can also be used. In such cases, the door opens only when a push button is pressed. It is useful in cases of handicapped people.

Access Control

Access Control Doors can also be used. In such doors, the user can activate the door by using a swipe card or a remote control button. The doors open if the user has an authorized access to the area.

Maintenance of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors need to be maintained on a regular basis. You can do so by checking debris or obstruction. Listen to the noise while the door opens and closes carefully. Any change in the sound indicates a malfunction. Regularly test their efficiency. A fire drill is a favorable time to confirm whether the doors will be able to handle a multitude of people trying to get out of the building.