Beautifying Exterior of Building with Curtain Walling System

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Beautifying Exterior of Building with Curtain Walling System

Curtain walls, though have their roots in the primitive era, have become the most modern & prominent essential for a secure building. They double up as the aesthetic foreground you could assign to your building. The dual effect of added security and great looks is always a desirable option, especially when the crime rate is one thing that is not showing any signs of coming down. So let’s know what it takes to get the best curtain walling in London. Well, you won’t have to make much of an effort, just get in touch with ADV. The rest will make your building a much-envied one.

Curtain Walling System-The finer details

Curtain walling is the name given to the non-structural system used to cover the external part of the building. Its main aim is to prevent the so that outside elements from damaging the building.

Curtain walling is akin to an enclosure for the buildings. The feature that makes it unique is that supports only its weight besides the environmental forces.

To put it simply, curtain walls can be defined as the panels that are designed for protecting the building. They are fixed at the exterior of the building by using mechanical bonding. Certain adhesives may be used for the purpose. Glass, metal or stone may be used to make them. It all depends on the customer’s needs and preferences.

What are the Components of a Curtain Wall?


Transom refers to the horizontal rails. These form a significant part of the curtain wall panel.


The mullions refer to the vertical rails. These are anchored to the beam. Their main function is to support the weight of the curtain wall.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, as the name suggests is a sturdier version of the standard glass. It is 3-5 times stronger than the normal glass. This makes it impenetrable to force and resistant to impact. Even if it does break, which is a rarity, it will cause no fatality as the shattered pieces are small and blunt.


Anchors are used for lending support to the metallic frames of the glass and aluminum, whichever material is used.

Benefits of Curtain Walling

Keeps your building watertight 

The metal frames provide tough resistance to the building. They make it resistant to water infiltration and damage due to other environmental factors.


They are lightweight, therefore they are quite easy to install. This feature even helps in the reduction of production and construction costs. The greatest advantage of this feature is that curtain walling does need not any additional support and does not put any pressure on the building.