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Best Garage Doors Repair Services In North London

Maintenance manual for garage roller shutters

Anything and everything needs maintenance. The same goes for ADV shutters. A regular maintenance routine will work wonders for your roller shutters. This step also ensures that the shutters operate smoothly and do not cause any damage. A frequently used shutter needs regular servicing by certified engineers. If any repair work is required, we offer such services after the installation. If you are looking for garage doors repair in North London, just remember ADV. It is the best choice for such services.

Frequency of servicing

Frequency of servicing

How much and when you need to get the roller shutters serviced entirely depends on the frequency of use. A frequently used shutter needs servicing every 6 months while shutters used infrequently can be serviced after a period of 5 years. We undertake garage roller shutter maintenance at regular intervals. A parking lot shutter will definitely need more regular servicing than a shutter used solely for domestic purposes. Servicing is a crucial part of garage shutters maintenance. We also undertake the repair of such shutters. So just refer to ADV if you need garage roller shutter repair. Your problems will be addressed on an emergency basis. We know how crucial the shutters are for your security. We try to cover maximum repair possible in a single day as we know that so much is at stake when the roller shutter is down with maintenance issues.

What does the service cover?

Engineers strike each and every option given on a standard checklist. They initially check the photocell fitting. Checking of the control panel comes next. After that, the motor and its accessories are checked. The guide channels and rollers are lubricated and checked for faults. The door curtains are washed and small parts like the screws, springs and auto locks are replaced.

The cost scenario

The cost varies according to whether you are availing the services for a single roller garage service or multiple security shutters. While some are happy with the first option, others find the second option more suitable. Looking at the amount, it seems trivial in comparison to the benefits and the peace of mind it brings with it. Opt for the service option and keep your roller shutters running in optimum condition. Getting the shutter installed was a smart choice. Maintaining and regularly getting it serviced is still smarter. Keep up the trend of being a savvy customer and a careful consumer.