Best Tips to Maintain & Repair the Roller Shutter?

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Best Tips to Maintain & Repair the Roller Shutter?

Roller shutters are installed in the buildings for giving the ultimate security to them. If there is any problem in the networking of your roller shutter then you must call up the concerned technician immediately. Roller shutters seldom show problems but if they do occur then you have the required help only a call away. There are many matters which are seen commonly-  the roller shutters fail to operate smoothly or some parts become damaged due to rust or there seems to be something stuck in the tracks. In such a case, you can easily repair your roller shutter within your budget. We cater to all kinds of problems related to the roller shutter repair. We have a 24-hour emergency service for carrying out urgent shutter repair.

How to repair the roller shutter?

Find out the cause of the issue

Check whether the slats are stuck. If yes, there might be something that is obstructing the box placed on the window. If anyone of the slats gets entangled, it will affect the whole roller shutter. Therefore you must find out the reason and the location of the disturbance. This slat needs to be repaired or needs to be replaced once again.

Explore the reason for the damage

If the slats are stuck then you should locate the screws used for covering the box. The problem can be tackled by slowly eliminating the screws and pulling over the cover.

Fitting back the broken slats

First, unroll the slats to check the broken slat. You will have to replace the slats completely in such a case. Aluminium and plastic slats are secured by clips. The wooden slats come with clips or hoop attachments. Therefore they are easy to remove by releasing the hoop or clip attachment.

Re-attaching all the loose parts

Open the box and then inspect all the parts in it. Follow it by installing the parts correctly. Secure the brackets, bearings and spring hangers into their positions after reading the manual.

Re-attaching the prime slat

If the main slat is not securely connected to the roller, then the mounting hardware should be checked. If it is not possible to fix the mounting hardware tightly, then you invest your time and effort into buying a new one and installing it. After re-attaching the main slat, test the rolling mechanism. If you find anything wrong with the functioning, then it’s better to call an expert.