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Fire Hazard in Winter

As opposed to the common notion, there are higher chances of inferno striking in winters. The reason for this is that the heating systems work overtime for maintaining the warmth of the buildings. The people suffering from cold spells tend to use the fires and gas heating systems to create warmth. The people are also bound to use orthodox and unsafe methods for generating heat, often ignoring the recommended safety norms. Another reason is the overuse of lights and electric power as the people prefer to stay indoors thereby increasing the consumption of lights and the warming mechanisms. Another major reason of fire breaking out is the dismissal of the security code by the smokers who somehow avoid going out for a puff due to the cold. They might hide in closed places to smoke and any carelessness might land the whole building in flames.

Reduce the risk

A number of measures can be taken to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out:-

  1. Keep a strong vigil on the staff. Instruct them to observe the rules strictly. It will help if you come down hard on the defaulters as the trend will set an example. Rule out any deviant behavior as it is the question of the safety of your building as well as your staff.
  2. Use quality approved heaters which have undergone rigorous quality tests.
  3. It is very helpful if you audit the fire safety of your organization to rule out any lapse or risk. Around the year check facility must be undertaken to ensure safety. The awareness should be updated regularly.

Other options

A desirable change would be to install fire-resistant doors and shutters to avoid fire. If containment doors are installed at strategically located points, the chances of fire are highly diminished. The fireproof doors are ideal for enclosing the heating systems which have been installed in addition to the systems already present. Ensure that these doors are serviced regularly to counter any problem if it arises. These doors play a significant rule in discouraging the spread of fire if it breaks out. We supply fireproof doors, along with the installation of roller shutters. For any kind of shutter repair in London, call us. In case of an emergency, our team offers emergency shutter repair in London. You will never be exposed to fire hazard once you have installed the fireproof doors offered by us. Simply call us or find out about us on the internet. We are much closer than you think.