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Composite Construction – A Growing Tend

Introduction to composite construction

By composite construction is meant, a two load – carrying structural member which is interconnected as an individual unit, one of the examples is metal sheet topped up with steel beams, made composite with the help of terminals. In case you are facing issues with curtain walling repair, Adv will come by your side to resolve all your issues.

Advantages of having Composite construction

Advantages of having Composite construction

  • A steel beam made out of composite using shear connectors, concrete is far stronger and stiffer than the base beam.

  • Composite floor systems are known to many to be one of the highest in quality.

  • It is selected by many architects, engineers, and many developers.

  • A composite floor system consists of concrete acts like a stiffer, reasonable structure.

  • The shallower beams are supposed to be pocket-friendly.

  • The weight of the structural steel frame may also be lesser as opposed to others.

  • Shallow beams can also be used which in turn prevent in minimizing building height.

  • Helps in increasing span length.

  • Super load, which means movement, is possible.

  • Floors are much stiffer than other materials.

Our services

Our services

We offer services in many cities. If you need our services in London, we will be there as soon as possible. We offer not only installation but also repair. Do contact us for curtain walling installation. Post-installation, we are available 24*7 for repair too. Curtain walling in London has never been easier.

Composite curtain walling

Composite curtain walling

It is sometimes referred to as Alu clad. Increasingly, people are opting for it for their doors, curtains, windows etc. Multi-storeyed buildings are investing heavily in them. Given their flexibility and variety, they make an ideal choice for multiple purposes. The latest buildings in the towns are incorporating curtain walling systems in the upcoming buildings. Many buildings have used curtain walling and a combination of windows, doors, frameless sash windows, balcony doors and shop fronts. The system seems to be working well. The building has been endowed with a composite protection against extreme weather and threats to the security. Another advantage is that the system needs minimal maintenance. All these features don’t coerce you to compromise on the aesthetics either. The great timber and aluminium combination yields whichever way you look at it. Above all, the water-based timber grants warmth to the interiors while the powder coated aluminium grants smashing looks. The aluminium is under a 25-year warranty. So what you have is an ideal envelope around your building which has all the features-security, looks, and durability.

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