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Composite Systems: What are the Advantages?

Be it schools, municipal buildings, libraries or leisure centers or residential flats, composite systems are being used increasingly. Even official buildings are opting for them. Hospitals are not an exception either. People are investing heavily in curtain walling installation.

Timber-the traditional choice

Timber looks marvelous and provides warmth to the building. It has been the first choice since the traditional times. Although it requires high maintenance, people still love to have it’s warm look on their buildings. People looking for a smarter solution which looks like timber but needs low maintenance is here in the form of composite systems. It not only requires low maintenance but also lends the grand look of timber to the building. So it scores high on the aesthetic as well as maintenance quotient.

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Benefits of composite systems

Benefits of composite systems

Whenever the composite systems are used, it is most beneficial to the customer as the system presents a complementary system for the windows, doors and the curtain walling. It is really useful in achieving high performance along with fulfilling the aesthetic aspirations of the customer. But the installer also benefits from the system as a single person can install the system on the site itself.it will save a lot of time and money for both the customer and the installer. Should any need of repair arise post installation, our team is ready. Contact our team for curtain walling repair.

The great timber aluminum combination

The need of the time is a system which incorporates all the fundamental requirements of the building and helps in increasing the thermal efficiency of the building. The timber aluminum combination is used to provide the following advantages –

Timber can be used internally, which provides it with a traditional sense of warmth

Aluminum with a guaranteed paint finishes grants durability to the system.

It requires lower maintenance than the traditional system which uses timber all over.

The system has a longer life expectancy

The latest glass technology is combined with the thermal efficiency of timber. This enhances the value of the building

The stability of the material provides immunity from extreme humidity and temperatures.

The considerations to be done while selecting a composite system

1. The performance of the protect in context to heat, also called the thermal performance of the product

2.The performance of the product in the context of acoustics. This is called the acoustic performance of the product.