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Curtain Wall – Details And Types

If you look around the busy streets of UK, you will find literally every building featuring curtain walls. You might not have realized this before, but you will do so, after having a good look around. These buildings have got something very sturdy and advantageous on their side. The curtain walls are not just good looking showpieces meant just to elevate the beauty of the building, it has various purposes on its agenda too.

They are non-structural and cost-effective, and enhance the strength quotient of the building . They have revolutionized the world of architecture with the versatility they offer . They have been used in many buildings which mark a milestone in the world of construction. Curtain wall system is here to stay and progress,  given the advantages it offers. So where do they get such sturdiness coupled with smashing looks from? Of course,  that will need another paragraph for elaboration so look at the space below.

Aluminum –The Magic Behind The Curtain Wall System

Curtain wall System is generally used in high rise buildings with multiple stories. They are also used in large office blocks. Such buildings require a strong and sturdy but lightweight material. Such a material will be instrumental in providing the quality of helping it in staying erect and in place. Aluminum suits the bill with utmost perfection, it proves to be the most ideal metal for such purposes. Naturally, this has to do with its qualities of being corrosion resistant and durable. It has further qualities of being malleable and versatile. This lends it the quality of having the ability to be molded into various shapes and sizes. It is a boon for the architects as they don’t face a restriction they used to face with the traditional materials.

Let The Air In

If you are looking for ventilation and insulation in a single feature,it is often difficult to find it. But with curtain wall System, it is not a tough objective to achieve. You will be surprised at the Curtain wall System’s ability to keep the heat in and out as and when you need to. Of course, your requirement will change according to seasons and curtain walls will be perfect for every season. In summers, you can effectively cool the building and keep the cold inside. In winters, the same is true for heating the interiors. In addition,vents can be installed to ensure that the building has enough ventilation.So it works for you whether you look at it from the financial or the ecological angle.

Beauty With A Purpose

One should not forget the aesthetic touch it provides. With its powder coated, tinted, engraved and embellished finish to choose from, it aces in the looks department as well.