Damaging Factors Which Curtain Walls Save Your Building From

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Damaging Factors Which Curtain Walls Save Your Building From

Curtain walls have a knack of looking great as well as offering the best protection. It is time you invested in a good curtain walling system to give your building the ultimate protection without compromising on the looks. ADV provides the perfect curtain walling in London, so approach our company for the latest protection shield for your building.

Keep the dirt away from yourself 

Dirt and dust need extensive cleaning. Enveloping your building by the aluminum and glass wall will not allow dust to enter the space.

Your shield from the rain and snow

ADV curtain walling system provides the perfect protection against rain, snow, and hailstorm. Despite being lightweight, the curtain walls offer perfect protection against the damaging effects of weather. The element of glass and aluminum may seem to be lightweight but they are efficient in offering the best protection against the harsh weather conditions.

Your shelter on uncomfortable days

A workplace or living place should be comfortable. The temperature should be suitable for the people inside the building whether they live there or work there. Curtain walling provides the perfect solution for these requirements. It provides thermal efficiency, energy conservation, and reduced energy bills.

Perfect guard against UV rays 

You must be happy with what the glass and aluminum are offering but did you know that they offer absorption of the harmful UV rays as well? It is not only beneficial for the people living inside the building but also prevents the furniture from deteriorating.

Say bye to water infiltration

Yes, this one is also an advantage you will have with the curtain walling. The glass walling is designed with perfect precision which creates an impenetrable barrier against water infiltration. The result is a waterproof design. With curtain walling, you will never have to worry about damage due to water.

High resistance to winds 

Hell breaks loose when the weather acts truant and you have to face the high-speed winds. If you are in an area that often witnesses high-speed winds, then you should get the curtain walling installed. Having one will guarantee you protection from the destruction caused by the high-speed winds. The tall buildings are especially susceptible to problems caused by them.

Prevents frosting 

The formation of frost on glass is common. It often becomes annoying and can cause damage too. ADV sees to it that you are not bothered by the problem by the introduction of thermal breaks in the curtain walling system.