Difference Between Curtain wall and Window Wall

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Difference Between Curtain wall and Window Wall

Choosing the best system for your place is very important so that it can protect it as well as change the aesthetics of it. The curtain and window wall is the best option available for your place. In this guide, we have mentioned the difference between the two so that you can make your choice wisely.

With the growth of urban life, it comes to the responsibility to the designers and developers to find ways to provide shelter to the population within the specified limits. Due to restrictions on space, the building’s structure can be increased upwards not out. It is also essential to give them inviting space which is well-built and this is for both commercial and office space.

In that case, the demand for curtain and window wall is increasing as they add value to the entire architecture with maximum light. Below, we have mentioned the difference between the two.

What is the Curtain wall?

The Curtain wall is a glazed system and with the use of anchors then hung off the concrete slab. The curtain walling system does not need support on buildings structure. They are installed to the exterior and because of glass, it gives a modern look to your place.

Its installation on the commercial buildings on the exterior is done using the cranes or rigs. The Curtain wall system is a complex process and getting it installed by the best company will help you get to benefit from it properly.

Benefits of curtain wall

  • The walling system will get a high level of thermal performance.
  • It is very lightweight and the material used for manufacturing helps to keep its weight down.
  • They might look fragile in terms of look as they are made of glass but the structural stability is best.
  • With this option, your place will get the benefit of having maximum light at your place.

What is the window wall?

With the window wall, glazing is placed between the concrete slabs of the building, the slabs are used as structural support. In between the glass, there is a break which can be used to conceal the concrete. This option is mostly used in a residential area because with this choice the customization is possible for windows and balcony doors. These are installed in the interior of the building. The option is safe, efficient. If you are on a budget then choose this option.

Benefits of the window wall

With this option, the installation is easy as less effort is needed and also a cost-saving option. You can get the benefit of noise transfer and energy loss.

So, now you know how both of them can benefit your place. If you are looking to get the installation done then you should visit our company and know more about the process.