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Difference Between Home Shutters and Blinds

Getting the best window treatment is very important and the most popular ones are blinds and shutter. In case, you are also planning to get one or upgrade the older ones then you must get to know everything in detail. Read the given topic as we have mentioned their difference in detail.

Well, it becomes important to have the best solution is there is sunshine throughout the year. On the other hand, if the temperature is very warm then you need to find something which can keep the place warm throughout the year. So, does this mean you have to get 2 separate solutions for your problem? When you search for the solutions, you will mostly hear about shutters and blinds. So, which option is a better fit? To make you choose the right option we have mentioned the difference between these window treatments.

Difference: Shutters vs. Blinds

  • Roller shutters are very durable, along with that its solid covering and slats make everything even much better. They have a very easy opening and closing.
  • Slat can be adjusted according to how much airflow or might you want inside the place.
  • The shutter is made of more sturdier material as compared to the blinds. Also, the shutter has slat which is filled with dense foam and it helps in providing the best insulation when the weather is very warm
  • The shutter working mechanism is manual as well as electric which makes the work much easier. This is the reason the demand for the domestic shutter is increasing a lot.

Which window treatment is budget-friendly?

Although the initial cost of the blinds is cheap if you start considering other features like maintenance, durability, and strength then the shutter will last for a long time.

This is true that, once you have got them installed at your place, you do not have to worry about security, privacy, light control, noise, and fire protection. Additionally, shutter help in reducing the energy bill by 60% which is not possible with the option of blinds. So, yes we need to choose something which can benefit us in the long run.

How does maintenance is different?

Another aspect of choosing the window treatment option between blind and shutter is maintenance & care. The shutter can be cleaned easily as they have slats which can be wiped with a clean cloth. The issue with blinds is that they have a cord which at times can get tangled, break, or get stuck which means you have to get a new one.

What is the installation process?

  • The shutter can be installed anywhere on the premises like doors, windows, garage, or even in the kitchen. Well, there is too much labor needed but it would be better if you get help from the professionals as they will get it done for you in the right manner. Blinds can be installed on its own without any problem.
  • The shutter can be installed in both interior as well as the exterior of the place. So, if you want something flexible then this option is best for you.

On the other hand, blinds can be installed in the interior only as they cannot withstand the effect of outside easily.

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