Difference between Insulated and Non Insulated Garage Roller Door

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Difference between Insulated and Non Insulated Garage Roller Door

For any home garage doors are an essential part as they protect the tools, vehicles and other personal belongings. 2 options are there: insulated and non-insulated door. But at times the house owners don’t know what to choose so to make things easy we have mentioned the difference in this topic.

For house owners security is the most important concern. One of the most essential parts of the house which needs to be safe is garage as people store a lot of stuff there. Choosing the right type of garage roller shutters is very essential. Well, they come in different types which are insulated and non-insulated garage shutters. It is very essential to understand the importance of heat loss. The type of shutter you need which also depend on the climate of your place and for what purpose the garage is being used.


The garage is part of the house but the way they are built is very different. The garage door does have stronger material and thicker steel which makes the entire part of the structure of the home better. When you buy the roller doors make sure the steel is 24 or 25 gauge along with that it should have galvanized frame which helps in preventing rust.

Insulated garage doors

With insulated garage door, there are 2 sheets of foam-filled slats which are interlocked together so that it gives a single curtain. The best part is that the shutter is thicker as compared to normal.

Some of the added benefits

  • With the foam-filled, it helps in preventing the cold air to enter inside your place which means it makes the place more comfortable to stay in.
  • To make everything much easier the shutters are automated which means with a click of a button they will operate.
  • With the locking mechanism which comes with the shutter, it makes the place safe and secure.

Non-Insulated garage door

With these doors, there is only one steel panel and appropriate for warm weather. If it gets too cold or too hot then they might also help in preventing the weather you need. If you are looking to save some space then you might go for this option and they are available in one style option only.

Some Important Considerations

Selecting the right garage door is essential and garage represents 40% of your house. If the weather does not go above 70 degrees then the non-insulated garage door is the best option. But, certainly, they won’t work best if it goes more than that.

Take Expert advice

The ideal choice is to seek the help of the experts as they know which type of shutter you need for the garage. At ADV, the team will note down all your requirements and make sure the final product is delivered according to that.