Difference between Roller Shutter Doors and Traditional Doors

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Difference between Roller Shutter Doors and Traditional Doors

Roller shutter doors are easy, safe, secure and reliable for your business premises.  These are designed to fit your building requirements and they offer you smooth operation. These are designed for industries, warehouses, and domestic use. Because these are versatile and durable than traditional doors. Traditional doors are less durable than roller doors because they are usually made up of wood or timber. Timber is the material which is not suitable for every weather condition or climate. Wooden doors do not offer you more security as roller shutter doors since these can easily break. There are various differences between roller shutters and traditional doors include-:

Weather protection

Roller shutter doors are beneficial for every weather conditions. They protect your business from harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snowfall, direct sunlight, and fast wind. Your business and warehouses contain many important products and roller shutters are beneficial to protect them from weather damage. The weather protection layer is installed in roller doors. Whereas, traditional doors are not beneficial for harsh weather conditions since they do not protect you from heavy rain and snowfall. Many people avoid traditional doors these days because they want to complete the security of their belongings.

Thermal efficiency

Traditional doors do not include thermal insulation in order to protect your property from heat and cold. On the other side, roller shutter doors provide you insulation protection from heat and cold weather. Moreover, these doors are beneficial to reduce your electricity because you do not need any extra cooling and heating unit. They provide you benefit in both winter and summer season.


Roller shutter doors act as security shutters at your business, warehouses, and homes. They provide you extra security from vandalism and burglary. Additionally, these doors are hard to break for thefts. These doors are installed with some type of hidden locks, which gives them extra protection. Moreover, you can install alarm systems in order to protect your valuable products. On the opposite side, traditional doors do not offer you as much security as roller doors. They can easily break without any extra effort. These include only one type of lock which is not enough to protect your belongings.


Roller doors are designed from strong and durable material however, traditional doors only contain wood or timber, which are less strong and durable. Roller doors are made up of aluminum, glass, steel, and uPVC, which are a strong and safe material.

At last roller shutter, doors are too effective and well-known as compared to traditional doors. Many entrepreneurs choose roller doors for their properties.