Difference Between Roller Shutters & Regular Doors – Advantageous Roller Shutters Explained

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Difference Between Roller Shutters & Regular Doors – Advantageous Roller Shutters Explained

There are no two ways about which one is better. Still, we will do a round up for those in doubt.


The foremost reason for installing a roller shutter is the need for security. Every establishment, be it a house or a business office, needs security. The valuable assets inside the building are at the risk of burglary and vandalism if a secure door is not provided. Our roller shutters come in a variety of options and one can choose from steel and aluminium frames. These are lightweight yet strong and act as a perfect shield for shopfronts, factories, and warehouses. Call us for any roller shutter installation and our team will deliver the best results.

Fire Resistant

Our fire resistant range finds frequent used in hospitals, caterers kitchens, schools and stair cores. They may also be used for ensuring fire resistance of some components within buildings. They are an essential prerequisite for protecting valuable lives and property of an organization. A fire shutter installation will ensure your peace of mind and can also help save money on the insurance premiums.

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Protection from extreme weather conditions

Shutting out the heat, cold and unwanted noise can be a boon to your establishment. It is particularly useful in the loading bays and warehouses where a lot of heat loss can happen while the workers are in action. The shutter laths are coated with insulating material but at the same time, they are lightweight. This unique feature grants them the power of insulation.

The looks department

The looks department

They score a plus in the strength department but they are not the losers in the looks department either. Aluminium shutters can be presented in many hues as powder coating can be done in many colors.The results is that you don’t need to advertise after investing in a stunning shopfront. A perforated shutter door option is also there for shop owners who want the customers to be able to see the window display after the business hours. A variety of powder-coated shutters are available for commercial outlets.

Repair and maintenance

Whenever there is a need for any repair, kindly contact us. We are available 24 hours for roller shutter repair in London.

Aluminium - the unique metal

Aluminium – the unique metal

It is the most ideal metal to be used for shop fronts. Not only is it lightweight and rustproof, it is also flexible, durable and adaptable to all weather conditions.

Aluminium as a raw material is ideal for shop fronts, windows and doors as it is lightweight but very durable and resilient. What’s more, aluminium is corrosion resistant and therefore is long- lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions. It also requires minimum maintenance. Should there be any need; shutter repair service will be readily provided by us. We are concerned about the satisfaction of our customers, that’s why we offer installation as well as repair service as soon as possible.