Different Operation Methods of Roller Shutters

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Different Operation Methods of Roller Shutters

We are very well familiar with the fact that every home has a different look and feel. Well, that comes with the difference in the size and shape of doors and windows along with the color scheme, window styles and measurements of every feature. What kind of shutters you need or install will also depend on the character of your home. A roller shutter will complement your home or stick out like a sore thumb if you are not careful about your choice. Whatever suits your home can be easily determined by ADV. We specialize in installation and roller shutter repair. In this post, we will discuss the various types of shutters that are available

  1. Manually Operated shutters 

Manually operated shutters are the old fashioned shutters that have a simple winder box and a tape. A handle is used to open and close the shutter. It comes at the lowest price and it does not require maintenance in the form of frequent servicing. Another limitation is that this version is available only for windows smaller than 2.75m wide as a bigger size is prone to breaking straps and poses difficulty in physically winding it.

  1. Electrical Operation

It is the modern version that helps in opening and closing the shutters smoothly. In these shutters, an electric motor is hardwired into the system. The motor can be activated using a simple switch installed on a wall. Shutters with electric motors are quieter and more reliable, which makes the functioning more effective. There is an internal gearbox lock which helps in containing the shutters when not in use. These electric shutters require servicing and maintenance in a lesser amount, and usually come with a 10-year warranty, making it the most recommended model for homes.

  1. Remote Control operated shutters 

A remote control option is nothing but a remote-controlled electric model. They also use a 240 v Motor, which functions through the main power of your home. However, the control can be done through a remote rather than a switch. For operating the shutter, you just have to click a button on the remote. The feature of being controlled by a wireless handset allows you to operate the shutters from any point and position in your home.

  1. Spring-Loaded Shutters

This type of shutter is best suitable for sheds, canteen areas, and businesses. The advantage of a spring load is that it can function without electricity, and you will be able to lock it with a key to keep out intruders, and thieves. Even though it is a good choice for sporting clubs, bars, canteen areas,  shops, and garages, it is not a suitable option for homes as it has to be opened from outside.