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Doors: Slide it or Operate it

Making the right choice

The house is complete but the last straw still remains. We are often really confused when we want to choose the right door for our entrance. There are plenty of choices available. The main concern is whether to choose manual or sliding doors. Both look and feel equally good according to their functionality and looks. While both of them have their own advantages, one must make his choice according to the space available, requirement and comfort. The financial angle also can’t be ignored. The door which we want should well be within your budget limit. Whichever option you choose, our team is there to install and repair it. Besides installing, we also deal with shutter repair in London. We are here to assist you with making the right choice according to the criteria given.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are designed in such a way that they occupy less space and provide all the functionalities of a door nevertheless. They mainly consist of 2 glass panes which are quite large in size. One of them is fixed and the other one can slide. The sliding pane moves along a track made especially for the purpose. The sliding pane slides alongside the fixed pane. They are a better option when the space for installing the door is comparatively smaller. Opening or shutting them doesn’t claim as much space as the manual ones. They are best when we want to keep the ventilation going strong while maintaining security for children and pets.

Manual doors

If you have abundant space, then manual doors are just right for you. These doors open up inwards or outwards. They are offered in a range of styles but most popular of them are French doors. These comprise of two doors which are next to each other and can be opened inside or outside.

Sliding doors offer a modern, sleek look while manual doors lend a traditional tone to space. So you should choose your door according to the style of your interiors too. Manual doors will suit the classic themed interiors while sliding doors are best suited for modern architecture.

The bottom line

Both the options can add to the aesthetic value of the interior. While both the styles have pros and cons, the best decision lies in your hands. The correct choice is the option that fulfils your needs and fits within your budget. The size of the available opening is also a major determinant. While making the choice, all of the above factors must be kept in mind.