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Electric Shutter Doors Repair & Maintenance in London

What difference do electric shutters and manual shutters have?

Electric shutter doors in London are the most flexible security products which we get to see these days. They are made from steel or aluminium and can also be used in various things, like front doors, windows, loading docks or any other form of an opening in both industrial and domestic work.

Confusion between Electric or manual?

It is when the shutters pass a certain size and weight limit, only then do they get to be suited for electronic operation.


Manual roller shutters are the best way to bring convenience and security of roller shutters to homes or offices at a reasonable price. For most domestic and office environment where window and door apertures are very small and also easy to reach, they can give a good basic shutter.

They work best in places having a couple of small doors or windows, like a small shop front which needs to be opened an closed only once in a day. ADV supplies a wide range of manually operated roller shutters.


Electronically operated roller shutters give you almost the same benefits as manual ones, do, but with little ease of use. They are important in the domestic field, where every door and window in the house is covered, they can be operated together rather than leave you walking around operating each one, turn by turn.

Wish to get electric doors installation, ADV is always at your service. The nature of electrically operated is that, along with the right kind of equipment and programming, they can be used for operation at a specific time or controlled even from the laptop.

You have installed electric roller shutters at your place, but they are troubling you. Don’t worry, since electric roller shutter repair will be carried out by ADV shutters, in the best possible way.

Industrial situations make use of modern electrically operated roller shutters, most of the industrial or commercial premises with huge loading docks on dispersed sites, electrically operated roller shutters are a good way of maximizing efficiency.