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Emergency Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Lewisham

How to Determine the Cost of Roller Shutters?

The cost or range of roller shutters depends upon various factors, their size, kind of material used, support system, the motor which is used, long lasting of products, add one’s along with the shutters. Since there are no standard windows, so standard price cannot be quoted

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Now, let’s talk about why do roller shutters cost so much? How can the costs brought down?

Why Do Companies Charge a different price?

The company people are aware of the fact that people don’t buy such things again and again, hence these thinks act like an incentive, for earning big bucks for company people. Even if any customer feels that prices were quoted very high, even then it doesn’t matter much, because they will not return.

ADV always believes in offering a better product at a pocket friendly price. We do not have cheap shutters for those who want a basic shutter, we give only value for money things, which people see and like. Roller shutter repair is best at ADV.

How are the products charged?

Why the products are charged they way they are? The screws, rivets, etc make up the majority of shutter.

  • Protective Side Plates – They help in keeping the bill to a bare minimum, as they are helpful in jamming.
  • Front Cover – This is a rounded part of board, it helps in keeping the motor and everything else (in side parts) covered.
  • Top Cover – Helps in protecting the top and back cover and also helps keep them enclosed.
  • Pelmet End Caps – The motor along with the axle are in place, with their help, which helps in completing the pelmet.

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