First Hand Tips To Follow when Garage Roller Shutter Doesn’t work properly

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First Hand Tips To Follow when Garage Roller Shutter Doesn’t work properly

Garage roller doors can present a problem sometimes. The problem may strike just when it is crucial to open or close the door. There may be times when the roller shutter just doesn’t respond to the buttons pressed on the remote. The problem may be due to following reasons –

  1. The blockage of the remote signal
  2. The remote requires new batteries
  3. Malfunctioning of the remote

What you should do about it –

  1. Order a new set of batteries- It is one of the common problems in remote operation –the batteries don’t work properly. However, you must check that the no other electrical component has failed before you replace them. While replacing you will have to take care of the size and the voltage, it should be in accordance with the requirements of the remote.
  2. Check the sensors –If your garage shutters sensors are blocked, then it becomes necessary to unblock them. Most roller doors use infrared sensors for communication between the remote and the door. The failure to respond to the remote may be due to blockage of rays by some object or dirt in the sensors or failure of beams to travel the path.
  3. Examine the remote –It actually happens that the remote sometimes works at a different frequency. They may operate at a specific radio frequency which you may not have noticed. If that is the case, there is a requirement to program the remote. It can be done by long-pressing the button labelled LEARN. Keep it pressed till the indicator light starts blinking. Now, release the button. Repeat the whole exercise. A flashing indicator light signifies that the signal is being received clearly. Save the new setting by again long-pressing the LEARN button. You have now reprogrammed the remote.

Problem with the garage door wall switch 

The problem with the functioning of the garage door wall switch happens when the power source gets disrupted or the signal is obstructed. For rectifying this situation, check the following –


  • The source of power –If the power connection to your motor is disconnected or not functioning properly, then it might create a problem. In such a case, check the source of the power and plug back the monitor if it has been disconnected.



  • The monitor –There are times when the monitor burns out and becomes dysfunctional. If this happens, get the monitor replaced.


  • The power system –The power system may be having some faults. Check the fuse or the circuit breaker for tripping or burn out. The process of doing this is quite technical so if you are not technically knowledgeable, please call up a technician to do the job.

If you have done everything you can, including the given options but the problem persists, it is better that you call the expert who will help you in locating the problem and fixing it.

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