Functions of Curtain walling system in building

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Functions of Curtain walling system in building

Curtain walling is the best way to protect your exterior as well as interior structure from harmful components such as harsh weather conditions and so on. If you are planning to install them, then you just visit us once, so that we can guide you properly about everything related to the curtain walling system.

Curtain walls are specially designed to protect or decorate the exterior structure of the building. These are too famous among entrepreneurs because these do not only protect your structure but also offer you aesthetic appeal.

Curtain walling London is made of the best material such as aluminum and stainless steel. However, most people are leaning toward aluminum material because this is too strong and hard. For better or effective service, you need to install and maintain them in good condition.

Functions of Curtain Walls

There are several functions of curtain walling system such as-:

Elimination of Water Penetration

The main function of curtain walling is the elimination of water penetration. In addition to this, there is a complete impermeable sealing screen panel system, which is not easily possible to bring for protection. In this case, the resistance is separated into two stages such as primary level and secondary level. In the primary level, the water is completely protected, whereas in the secondary level the water is directed to drain.

Air impermeability

This function works as a reduction of carbon dioxide because of an increase or decrease in internal and external environments. That’s why entrepreneurs lean toward curtain walling systems because of their mind-blowing functions.

Solar levels

You may not know that the curtain walling system is well-known to protect your building structure from harsh weather conditions. In addition to this, these will offer you the best sun protection so that you can protect your belongings. Well, UV rays are too harmful that not only affect your exterior but also the interior structure of the building.

Types of Curtain Wall System

There are two types of curtain walling systems such as-:

Stick Curtain Wall System

Stick curtain walling systems are basically designed for small building structures. In order to install them, you need additional requirements such as cranes and scaffolding. These are a little expensive as compared to another one.

Unitized curtain wall systems

Unitized Curtain walling systems are designed for large building structures. These do not include any type of additional requirement in order to install them at your building structure.

Moreover, you must choose the best curtain walling system according to your building structure. You can get help from professionals if you are unable to choose the best one.

Components of a Curtain walling systems

  • Transom
  • Mullions
  • Vision Glass
  • Anchor