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General Maintenance Tips for Roller Shutters by ADV

Roller shutter is the best option available in the market for increasing the security and safety of your place. But, people generally make a mistake regarding the maintenance of the shutters. This the reason we shared the expert advice given by team of ADV in this topic.

Installation of roller shutters in business and home has definitely increased in the last many years. The way the shutters work and protect the entire place is not available with any other option. But, one thing which needs to be kept in mind regarding the rolling shutters is the general maintenance. Here are some tips regarding the maintenance which are recommended by the experts at ADV:


  • Cleaning them Regularly


The most important part of the maintenance of roll up doors is the cleaning of the shutters. This is where the people make the mistake and think that cleaning is not needed frequently. But, it is essential that you clean the shutters on a regular basis so that the investment you have made will benefit you in the long run. The outdoor shutters and window shutters are going to get build up dust and dirt very easily. So, you need to make sure that you are cleaning all the parts of the shutters on a regular basis.


  • Get the repairing done on time


In case you notice the shutters are damaged or some of its parts are not working properly then it means you need to get them repaired. The shutters are very durable yet strong. It might be possible because of the accident or inappropriate weather conditions problem is caused. So, make sure you always get the repairing of the shutters on time by seeking the help of the professionals. If you don’t then it might lead to a misfortunate accident which can harm someone and also you have to get new shutters. So, you can save yourself from future expenses by taking action at the right time.


  • Oiling all the parts properly


Another common mistake that usually makes is neglecting the importance of oiling the different parts of the shutters. This is another way of caring for the shutters and this also helps the shutters to last for many years. You might think after installation there will be no problem and you don’t have to put extra care or effort. Experts do advise that if you want your shutters to work effectively then you need to keep up with the maintenance. The ideal choice is to lubricate the parts every 6 months or one year. If you are using them frequently then do it before that.

At any point, if you are facing a problem then you should seek the help of the professionals as they will identify the issue and get it fixed for you.