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Glass Curtain Walling System : Explained

Curtain Walling

A curtain wall is defined as a thin aluminum-framed wall. The framing is attached to the structure but it does not carry the load of the floor or roof of the building. The curtain walling system is constructed in one or two ways. There are many manufacturers who are specialized in making custom walls. As the size of the wall increases the cost also increase.

Components of Curtain-wall

  • Anchor
  • Vision Glass
  • Mullions
  • Transom

System Types

  • Face-sealed  

     It basically requires a perfect seal between each glass units. The durability of the seals is very minimal. Glazing tape is required for patching these systems.

  • Pressure-equalized

     This system is highly efficient in protecting the building against water and air. It basically blocks all the forces which can affect the building. Between the interior air barrier and exterior water screen, this chamber is formed in the glazing pocket. This eliminates air and water forces.

  • Water-managed system

     In this system drains and weeps are incorporated. They are basically designed to create a barrier against the water but don’t create a barrier against the air. This system helps in wiping away a large amount of water.

Functions of Curtain Walling

  • These systems are excellent in reducing harmful substances such as carbon dioxide. It keeps a proper balance between the external and internal environment.
  • The fundamental function of this system is to penetrate water. They are curtain panel are sealed completely. First, it completely provides protection against the water. If that system fails then water is drained out from the pipes.
  • It works great for thermal insulation which helps in reducing energy consumption. For this insulating material are properly installed on both opaque and transparent area.


These systems are installed in the high-rise building so it is important to properly maintain them which will maximize the life of a curtain wall. Apart from that perimeter sealants also require proper repairing and maintenance. They are properly designed and installed and they typically last for around 15 years. If you want to get them replaced or repaired then it needs proper time and preparation.

These frames are painted properly with fluoropolymer thermoset as they can protect the building against different environmental factors. It needs cleaning after some time. You can get the re-coating but it requires specific preparation. This will also improve the performance and it will increase its durability. The glazing seals require maintenance and inspection so that it can penetrate the water from the building.