Guide for commercial roller shutters application in London

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Guide for commercial roller shutters application in London

Roller shutters are the main security installations we have for securing our premises. The basic structure consists of many slats which are hinged together horizontally. The use of galvanized steel makes it rust proof and weather-proof layer of protection. Roller shutters London are best supplied by ADV.

Use of roller shutters 

Places, where roller shutters are commonly used are garages, warehouses, shops, and storehouses. They may be installed at other places depending on the requirement and suitability. Commercial roller shutters can’t be put to use for domestic and household purposes. They are best suited for basement or in-depth protection requirements. They are available in solid form as well as a punched form to let the natural light in and keep your rooms well ventilated.

Types of Commercial Roller Shutters 

Different types of roller shutters are available which one can buy according to the requirement-

Bars & Reception Desk

It is used to ensure the safety of the bar area when it is unattended. Indeed the products it contains are expensive and you can use shutters to keep your supplies secure.

Curved Bars and Reception

There are shutters available for curved bars and reception areas as well. They can be effectively stacked away when the bar is in function.

Security shutters 

These shutters are installed at the front areas of the commercial space to provide 24*7 security. The main objective of these shutters is to provide optimum security day and night.

Perforated roller shutters 

These shutters serve the purpose of securing the premises as well as providing ample ventilation to the people inside the building. They are also desirable for their openness to the sunlight.

Fire Rated Shutters

The fire-rated shutters are a boon to fire-prone places. They protect your storage supplies and goods in the warehouses. They are ideal for protecting you from damage due to fire. These shutters are effective in containing the fire if it breaks out. It also activates the fire alarm and helps the employees to escape and call the necessary help to put out the fire.

Advantage Summary 

We can sum up the advantages in the following list –

  • Economical  Deals
  • Trained, professionally qualified team of employees
  • Direct interaction with the owner and complete assessment of the site before the installation
  • Installation is done as soon as possible
  • Customer Friendly Team
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 24*7 availability of repair and a special unit for emergency purposes