How can you keep your roller shutters maintained? When to replace these?

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How can you keep your roller shutters maintained? When to replace these?

We do understand how crucial it is to keep the roller shutters up with the optimum functioning since these are accountable for providing heavy security to your property.

But what if the roller shutters need instant repairs? Whose help should you take in that situation?

Yes, you guessed it right. It is only ADV CONTRACTORS who can provide you with the required services. No matter whether you need repair for the shopfronts or the roller shutters, we shall always be there at your service.

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What to do if I am needing the repairs at short intervals?

In that situation, you should check your maintenance routine. In the majority of the cases, it comes out to be the flaw in performing the maintenance measures that result in the repairs emerging at a rapid rate.

Tip: In case, after reading the current blog, you still find yourself to be confused with the maintenance measures, then it would be the best time for you to contact the professionals who will help you to know if you are following the effective maintenance or not.

Which are the most important maintenance measures that must be followed?

  • Do not let the moving parts lose their lubrication

The moving parts are the most important components of a roller shutter. You should not let the shutters lose their lubrication. For that, you need to keep a regular check on that.

Make sure you have consulted the professionals about which lubricant to be used and at what interval.

  • Keep it cleaned

A little bit of the accumulated dust or debris could bring the repair or the flaws in the maintenance measures into existence. So a cleaning routine must be scheduled.

If you usually forget to clean it owing to the workload, then it’s better to hire someone who could do this work for you or you can designate the duty to some of your staff members.

  • Check the Balance

The balance of the shutter should be checked weekly. If something seems to be problematic, then professionals are to be called to the place.

  • Get it professionally maintained annually

No doubt, you would be maintaining wholeheartedly and by following the right measures, but for the optimum maintenance, it would be extremely beneficial if you get assisted with the maintenance measures from the professionals at least once a year.

  • Do not let it serve you stubbornly

Sometimes the conditions of the shutters get so deteriorated that they cannot be bettered with the maintenance measures or after so many repairs. In that situation, you should get installed with a new roller shutter that has great characteristics and is guaranteed to serve you for long life.

Final Comments!

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