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How Curtain Walling Is Different From Installing Store Front

Storefronts and curtain wall system are basically installed at commercial buildings which are useful to improve the appearance of your building. These both have many benefits to protect your premises from external components. But these both are totally different because curtain walls are installed at the external front wall of building for a better and pleasant look. Whereas storefront is installed at brand stores to promote their products.


Storefronts are additionally known as shopfronts because these are designed for smooth functioning and advertising of your brand. This is useful to display your products so that many people can follow you and buy products. Storefronts are usually made of aluminum and glass in which frames are made with aluminum because it is too strong material and hard to break. And glass is fabricated in aluminum frames for better display and more protection. Since this is the glass which is known as double or triple glazing, that means made of 3-panel glass.

There are various features of storefronts such as display your products, boosts your sales, and security and safety of your building. These are also useful for noise control and control temperature and natural light in your premises. In this way, you do not need any extra lighting things.

Curtain walls

Curtain walling is installed at the front exterior wall of your building. Which is useful to protect your building from harsh weather conditions and some other external components. With the help of these systems, you do not need any warming and cooling units because these are manufactured with thermal insulation. Moreover, curtain walls are also designed with strong material known as aluminum and safety glass. The main feature of curtain walls is these are valuable to protect your building from direct sunlight, snowfall, and heavy rain.

Difference between storefronts and curtain walling system

As such, there is no big difference in these both systems but yes, there are little differences which separate them from each other.

  • Curtain walls are usually installed with the help of cranes on the external wall of a commercial building. Whereas, the installer simply install storefronts without nay help. Because are installed in front of the store or we can say at the entrance.
  • The material of both systems are same but these both offer you different benefits such as storefronts are basically useful to display products, however, curtain walls are useful to protect your building and external walls from harsh weather conditions.