How to choose garage door for your new home?

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How to choose garage door for your new home?

Garage Shutters are the ideal security door for your garage. Modern-day garages not only hide your vehicles but are also home to your cycle, your fridge, your excess grocery stock and most often the way to your home. So it doesn’t make sense to leave its security to some common security means. If you need some help regarding the type of garage door that will suit you, we have just the right information for you –

Garage door fitting price

You are likely to face wide price variation when it comes to roller shutters. Many factors affect the prices of the garage doors. The color, material and the type of design you choose will be the deciding factor of the price of the shutter. If you choose aluminum, then it will have a different price than one of the same sizes in wood or glass. With colors, you will be spoilt for choice as the roller shutters are available in many appealing colors. You can also experiment with the texture. You can go for the powder-coated finish if that is what makes your heart flutter. All said and done, everything is customizable and can be molded according to the user’s wishes. Of course, all the while our staff will keep the best interests of the customer in mind.

Advantages of roller shutters 

At ADV, we breathe, talk and live roller shutters. So who else but us can tell you the magnum effect it will have on your life. Let’s roll the credits –

  1. Security –that’s what’s the whole issue about 

Installing a roller shutter will not only deter the thieves but also discourage them from even trying to gaze through your property as their vision will be well blocked. A thief will think twice before trying out his luck with a well-fortified building.

  1. Free from noise 

If you are a peace-loving person stuck in a noisy neighborhood, our metallic shield is just the right answer for you. You will experience a 50 % decrease in the sound levels entering your home once you have the shutters in place.

  1. Light as per your whims and fancies

Don’t you like sunlight? Pull the shutter down. Don’t you like the darkness? Pull the shutter up. Or are you a midway person who is happy with mild light? Then open the shutters halfway through. So you see, we have a shutter setting for every kind of person.