How to keep your premises secure during closure?

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How to keep your premises secure during closure?

All over the world, the outbreak of coronavirus has led the business to shut down temporarily. In such cases, there are high chances of increased break-ins. To make your place secure our security experts and roller shutters have shared tips in this guide to make your premises secure during the closure.


Security is one of the important concerns in people’s minds due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Keeping the premises safe and secure at this time is very essential. Our security experts have shared some of the topmost tips to increase the security of your premises.

Install Roller shutters

Roller shutters are one of the prominent ways to increase the security and safety of the premises. During closures, their installation is like an added security all over the place. The security shutters are made of strong and durable material which is very difficult to break. Even the thieves or burglars do make the house or building with shutters as their target because they know it is very difficult to break them.

Additionally, the maintenance of the shutters is very easy and it does need much effort. Make sure you call the professionals for roller shutter repair right away if the shutters are not working properly.

Buy CCTV cameras

With the roll-up shutters, you can install the security cameras. Their installation should be done at all the entry and exit points. It also gives the warning sign to the thieves that the premises are protected by the surveillance cameras.

Keep the surroundings clean and tidy

If your premises are dirty, with a lot of clutter and the plants have overgrown then it is clear that no one is staying in the building. At this time of closure, you need to visit your property regularly and make sure everything is clean & tidy. This will give a sign that the premises are occupied and this will prevent the break-ins.

Link Burglar alarms with the local authorities

Nothing can scare the person more by hearing a loud noise of the burglar alarm. Installation of burglar alarms with infrared movement sensors is going to alert local authorities as well as people passing by your premises. It means you will be able to take quick actions without your property getting damaged or your important stuff getting stolen.

Inform Your Neighbours

In this tough time, the communities should try to help one another like never done before. In case, you have people around your neighborhood whom you can trust, let them know you will not be around. Ask them to keep an eye on it and in case they notice something mysterious then inform you right away.

For more information, on best security systems contact our team of experts to get the best quality service.