How to pick the best material for garage doors?

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How to pick the best material for garage doors?

Garage is the most integral part of any place. This is true like you worry about front door safety, in the same, this needs to be given importance. The garage door does come in different materials and choosing the right choice is important. Read the given topic, to know which material you should pick.

While building a new house or office, the front door is also given the most importance. At times, we forget that there is a garage door that needs to be given the same importance. The garage space is the place in which we mostly park the car and bikes. Whichever way you are using them it is important that the entry point of the garage is safe and it should deal with every possible situation very easily. Moreover, you need to choose that material which helps in protecting the place against theft and burglary.

This is the reason, we always suggest people opt for garage shutters as they are a perfect choice. At ADV, you can get the shutters of your choice and in the best material. Moreover, they will also let you know what you should regarding the maintenance and repairing of the shutters. Here is the list of some material that you can opt for while getting the installation of roller shutters in your garage.

Most Suitable options


  • Steel is one of the popular choice for the garage door. This option is durable and maintenance with this option is also easy. Moreover, the material is durable and you can get them according to your style & need.
  • Along with that, the price of the shutters is also affordable and you can get them customized according to your choice. It comes in various thicknesses like 27 to 28 gauge steel, 25 to 26 gauge steel, and 24 gauge steel.
  • But, the problem is that it does not work well as an insulator which means they cannot save energy and do not help in noise reduction.


  • This is another popular option which people can opt for. This material is lightweight, durable, and flexible. In comparison to steel, this option is budget-friendly.
  • It works as a great insulator and also helps in reducing the noise level.
  • You can get the shutters in your preference of color and style which suit your business type.


  • This can be considered as the traditional choice because of its looks and style.
  • Earlier this option was best suited for windows but now you can get them incorporated wit garage door. It does help in uplifting the appeal of your house or the building.
  • But maintenance takes time and they are not best for energy saving.

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