How to ready your place for roller shutter installation?

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How to ready your place for roller shutter installation?

Getting a roller shutter installed at your place is an excellent decision which will help in securing your building. The versatile roller shutters are ideal for getting many more benefits like optimum protection, perfect customization, and insulation against extreme weather conditions. They also introduce cost-cutting in the power bills. If you intend to get them installed, you will have to prepare your site for the installation.

Clear the obstacles on the site 

It is the first thing you should do to prepare for the roller shutter installation. It will ensure easier access to the engineers for installation and help in having a clear idea for measurements required for window shutters. Only when the measurement of the height and size is accurate, will the roller shutters be installed properly and serve their purpose. With ADV, you will be dealing with a company that offers excellence in creation, installation and roller shutter repair.

Maintain a safe distance from installers

The second most important thing that you must ensure is to clear the potential health and safety hazards in the area of installation. We don’t intend to take away your daily earnings due to our installation procedure. If the people in the building or home can keep a distance from the area of installation, there will be no issues related to safety.

We care for you 

Our company aims at keeping its customers happy by creating shutters best suited to your preference. We keep in mind the nature of the building –whether it is a home or a commercial building. We also cater to the requirements of any upgradation or post-installation care. We offer installation with minimal disruption of your routine. Our trained staff who are professionals with expertise and experience will get the shutters installed with minimal effort and delay so that you can avail their benefits at the earliest.


We have attained a place of position when it comes to companies that offer roller shutter installation services. We offer various kinds of shutters, shopfronts, curtain walling and bi-folding doors with perfect customization, timely installation and reasonable prices. With us in the background, you will not have to look high and low for seeking regular services, routine repair, and emergency repair. We will take care of all that. So book your shutter and installation deadline with us, you will be shutter protected within no time.