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How to Select The Best Shutters for Home

Roller shutters are the ideal choice for protection against security and increased privacy. With technological advancement, it has made it possible to get different types of shutters as per your need. This guide will give you an insight on how to select the top-quality shutters for your home.


Roller shutters are the number one option not only for the industrial area but also for the home. The plantation shutter is the ideal choice to increase the aesthetics of any room with increased natural light and visibility.

When you hire a team of professionals they will give you detailed information about the different types of shutters which can fit your place perfectly. Moreover, from installation to shutter repair they will give you premium service at an affordable cost.

If you are wondering which type of shutter is best for your place, then given below are the top factors which you need to keep in mind.

Panel Style

Plantation shutter is available in different styles from full shutters to cafe style shutters.

  • If you want to cover the entire window then get the full shutters.
  • If you want to cover the top and bottom of the window then the double-hung shutters are the ideal choice. With these shutters, you can open the top or bottom or both for more light.
  • If you only want to cover half of the window, then the cafe style shutters are the best option.

Louver sizes

Louver sizes are horizontal slats. The type of size you choose will impact the amount of light that enters the premises. If you want to get a clear view with an increased amount of light then get the louver size with 4 1/2 inches.

For the smaller windows, the louver size 2 1/2 inches is the best choice and they do not let in much light into your home.

Take the help of the professionals as they will let you know in detail about the process from installation of plantation shutter to roller shutter repair

Type of shutter material

Shutters are available in different materials like wood and poly. For a warm and elegant look, the wood is a suitable choice. For increased insulation and durability poly is an effective option.

Both options have their benefits for your home. Choosing a better quality product is a safe option because you are investing your time and money.

Tilt Rod Choice

You can also choose the tilt rod for the plantation shutters. Hidden, standard, and off-set tilt rod is a perfect choice. They are behind the louvers which will not affect your outside view.

Color Preference

There are several color choices in the plantation shutters and you can choose the one  which complement your room.

If you want further information, then contact ADV for high quality and a fine collection of shutters with different styles and materials.