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Is Planning Necessary to Install Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are useful to offer you many benefits but not everyone is aware of it whether you need planning permission or not in order to install roller shutter at your premises. In this guide we will tell you about planning permission in detail so that you won’t face any type of problem in the future.

Roller shutters are useful to protect your premises from burglaries and break ins. These shutters also offer you many other types of features such as aesthetic appeal, thermal insulation, and so on. But the majority of people are not aware of whether they need new shutters planning permission or not.

Here are some factors which will clarify to you whether you will need to go with planning permission or not.

Local Authorities

If you are struggling to install roller shutter or shopfronts then you must get the permission of local authorities. Since some of the local authorities have different rules and regulations, it is necessary to meet them and clear your all the doubts so that you won’t face any type of problem in the future. You should also ask them what type of guidelines they are giving in order to install roller shutters. In addition to this, you should also talk to them if you are some different plans related to shutter installation and customization.

General guidelines

General guidelines are necessary for the installation of shopfronts, from which the main thing is pleasant to look. Some councils want to maintain an attractive and impressive look so it is necessary to consider these guidelines when you are going to install shutters. We are offering many types of shutters include-:

  • Rolling Grill shutters
  • Punched hole shutters
  • Solid roller shutters
  • Perforated shutters
  • Polycarbonate shutters
  • Industrial shutters

You should choose from them according to the guidelines and your requirements. Since these, all the types are useful for different types of commercial premises.

Internal shutters and security grilles

You should go with internal roller shutters and grilles because these do not need planning permission. You can simply install shutters in internal structure and security grills at outer part so that you can protect your premises and you do not need to go through planning permission. Well, the majority of councils consider security as a primary measure, so there is no need to worry about anything and if you are unable to install internal shutters then you can simply install the external shutters.

Actually, we are dealing in every type of rolling shutter and leading a shutter company, you can contact us once in order to install roller shutter at your premises. And we ensure that you do not need to get the planning permission because we manufacture all the shutters with the guidelines of authorities.

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