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It’s Winter And The Best Time To Think About Changing Your Shop Front

The shop owners always think of making their shops the most presentable and attractive to garner maximum attention of their customers as well as to ensure an increased rate of customer footfall leading to the generation of higher clientele. For this, they even need to make their shopfront attractive. While the summer is considered the best time for undertaking the refurbishment or improvement process; the ideal time to plan this is winter.


The renovation is to be carried out in summer but its planning should be winter. It is because it gives sufficient time in hand to plan. By doing planning simultaneously with improvement can cause chaos. There can be wastage of time and resources. That is why it is advised to plan ahead of time and then take necessary action at the right time.


The following factors can be taken into consideration during winter while making a plan for refurbishment of the shop front.

1. Design: it is, undeniably, the design of shopfront, that captures immediate attention of the customer. Thus, winter provides sufficient time to decide the design for shopfront. There can be space considerations, design considerations, color choices, type of material choices for elevation, dimensions for elevation. All these decisions consume a lot of time and energy and having this all pre-decided results in better execution.

2. Financial and legal procedures: the decision to make alterations in the shopfront does not rest on the shop owner solely. He has to take prior permission from the government for the amendments. Besides, there may be a requirement of loan for the same and loan procedures as well as formalities consume their time. Therefore, doing all this in winter gives sufficient time to carry out the procedures thoroughly without disturbing the actual renovation process in summer.

3. Management of funds: an approximate cost is to be ascertained for the refurbishment of the shop front. When the cost is ascertained, funds can be segregated from the earnings well in advance to support the improvement process.

4. Considering the contingencies: it is definitely to possible the have an exact forecast of contingencies that may occur during the time of refurbishment as these are all time-based thing. Still, the right time during summer, the possibility of availability of labor, etc can be searched and decision can be made accordingly.

Thus, planning and execution if both are done at right time, help in yielding the desired picture of shopfronts.

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