Major Functions of Curtain Walls in Buildings

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Major Functions of Curtain Walls in Buildings

Curtain wall system are very effective for the tall buildings. Many business owners are taking benefit from this system. This is true its installation will make a lot of difference Well, to understand it in a better manner we have mentioned the major function of this system in the given topic.

The curtain walls are installed on the high-rise buildings. It has a facade, cladding material, window wall, and landscape wall which makes the outer envelope of the building. The building structure protects external temperature. Designing it properly, getting it installed, and maintaining it will help to keep the system effective and durable.

Major Functions of Curtain walls

Air impermeability

This function works helps in reducing the carbon dioxide emission because of the reduced rate or profits in the internal and external environment. The curtain walling help in taking care of environmental issues.

Water penetration

The function of water penetration is very important and basic. With the impermeable sealing screen, the water is kept between the two stages. The water is completely protected at the primary level and the secondary level fails the water goes directly to the drain.

Resistance to wind and acoustic action

By the cladding system wind works get transferred to the building floor. Additionally, each layer has an air load system on the building. This is very important for reducing the emission of CO2 and heat consumption. In the obsolete and transparent area, the insulation material is provided. Acoustic insulation is available inside as well as outside the building. The high acoustic feature is given by concrete structure and sheets.

Solar Levels

With the glass surface, the electoral cover is given which helps in reducing the solar control. This cover is known as solar radiation as it helps in passing the radiation of different wavelengths. Due to UV rays, the screen space of the screen might get reduced. In that case, on the curtain walling system, you can apply the UV-inhibiting film to the glass page.

What are the types of Curtain wall?

Stick Curtain Wall System

In this system, the pieces of the structure will be brought to the site and then they will be fixed. This is best for buildings in small areas. Getting access to the higher buildings is very important like crane and scaffolding are needed. In this shipping cost will be less but the labor cost is very high.

Unitized curtain wall systems

In this system, the whole system is bought on the site from the factory. On the floor the screen wall size is dependent. But, the transportation cost is very high on this.

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