Manual Or Electric Roller Shutter Which One You Need?

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Manual Or Electric Roller Shutter Which One You Need?

When it comes to roller shutters, we are often confused with the choices we have. The most difficult decision is to choose from the electric or manual version of roller shutters. If the roller shutter is of a certain height and width, we can choose from the two versions. But with the heavy or large versions, the electric version will be the better choice. This is due to the fact that such heavy stuff will not be possible to manage through mechanical measures. The electrical choice also becomes favorable when there is a requirement of greater security. We can keep our security options open by the use of touch keypad and digital codes. In case an emergency occurs, we can count on the electric version as they come with a mechanical operation option.


With manual shutters, you can be sure of convenience and security which is pocket-friendly. Installing a basic design manual shutter at the office or home is a good idea. It will work wonders for the security and privacy of your home. It is the best option for domestic buildings as they have small and accessible openings. Usually, the shutters would need opening once or twice a day. The manual system uses cranks and winders. The shutters are suitable for small business outlets as operating them again and again, can be tedious in a  large setup. For large organizations, one needs to install electric shutters as they are easy to operate. So if you own a loading bay, an electric shutter will be just fine for you.


Electric shutters are electrically operated and provide all the benefits of a manual shutter but a lot of ease accompanied with that. It is especially suitable for a domestic environment where you may want to operate the shutters together rather than separately. It allows ease of operation and can even be linked to your laptop for the same. It is not a surprise that they find their use majorly in the commercial and industrial setups. It is an ideal choice for large loading bays as they operate with maximum efficiency and great speed. They may be powered by a battery or an electric supply. In modern times, we find electric shutters being linked to solar panels. This new provision makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.

They can even be controlled by remote devices. This feature makes it easy to operate them from a nearby spot or a neighboring building. It is best suited for locations which are hard to access or pose a risk to the safety of the personnel.

So weigh the pros and cons before you make the final choice.