Manual or Electric Roller Shutters – Which One Will Suit Your Business?

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Manual or Electric Roller Shutters – Which One Will Suit Your Business?

If you are looking for something attractive yet effective way to add security to your business and home, roller shutters are the best for this purpose. They add another level of protection to your business. Though they still manage to look stylish and timeless. You need to protect the business from intruders so that they don’t enter your premises forcefully. Shutters are available in two options- Electric and manual shutter. Let’s discuss which one will be suitable for your business.

Electric shutters

Electric shutters are fitted with a motor that opens and closes the shutter at the push of a button. The motor is wired to the electricity supply or they can be attached to solar power. The electric shutters are operated either using a remote control or a panel that is mounted inside the business premises somewhere.

The advantage of the electric shutter is that they are very convenient to use. The shutters can be exactly opened and closed as you push the button.

Additionally, these types of shutters can be fitted with sensors that will automatically lower or raise the shutters. You can close them if the weather is not appropriate. The shutters are also low maintenance if they are manufactured or use best and quality components. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that the installation of the shutters is expensive as compared to manual shutters. This is because sometimes you require extra components which require a lot of time for installation.

Manual shutters

Manual shutters open and close on its own, using a mechanism such as a winder. Still, this option is popular for business owners who are new to this system. The shutters are cost effective because they are less expensive as compared to electric shutters. Manual shutters can be installed on the windows and doors and the winder is located inside the door or window so that you can open or close the shutter easily.

The main issue with these shutters is that you have to go to every shutter to close or open it. No doubt, this takes a lot of time and energy. If you have to adjust them you have to move each day to adjust the level you want. They are difficult to open sometimes especially for elderly people. On the other hand, they require less maintenance as compared to electric shutters. There is no need for electricity for the working mechanism of shutters.