Manual or Electric Shutters – Which is Most Suitable?

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Manual or Electric Shutters – Which is Most Suitable?

Shutters are the best security system to protect the entire. With the technology improvement, it has made it easy to get the shutters with advanced functioning. In that case, you can get the manual or electric shutters. If you are confused about which one to opt for then read the given topic in detail.


When you get the roller shutters you have the choice up to a certain height or width to choose the manual or electric shutters. But, once a certain limit is passed then it becomes ideal to choose the electric shutters.

When you hire the professionals they will help you choose the right shutter type for your premises. Additionally, the expert will give you the best service from roller shutter installation to shutter repair.

Which one should I opt for Manual or Electric

Manual shutters are the perfect choice for convenience and protecting the premises. At an affordable price, you can get the domestic and office environment shutters. The window and door structures that are relatively small are perfect for the manual shutters and they can be installed there without any fuss. So, these shutters are ideal for small spaces.

At ADV, you can get a wide range of manual shutters to protect your entire place. Simply, contact our team and they will give you the shutters which suit your business. 

Electric shutters

Electric shutters provide the same benefits as manual shutters but they are operated with more ease. The installation of these shutters is ideal for the domestic space as the windows and doors are huge. This makes it easy to operate the shutters with one go. You simply need to press the button and the shutters will be operated with ease.

With the right equipment and programming, it will make it for the business owner to use them. The industrial premises which have large loading bays can use the electrically operated shutters.

With the installation of these shutters, work efficiency and productivity will also increase. The shutters are powered by a small motor that gets connected to the electric supply. With time, the demand for shutters operated with solar energy is increasing as they have their dedicated solar panel.

The electric shutters can also be controlled remotely whether through the use of a keypad or someone in the nearby office. This way the work is done with ease at the industrial sites and the person does have to come down from the stairs every time to operate the shutters.  

Contact the experts

If you are for security shutter installation then you should contact our team to get detailed information. They will discuss in detail how the entire process will be done. Additionally, note down your requirements so that the end product is delivered as per your need and preference.