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Manual or Electric : Which Roller Shutter Do you need?

When it comes to choosing the kind of shutters you should have, the choice is entirely with the client. However, if the requirement is greater than a certain height and width, you’ll have to select the electrically operated version. These shutters are operated through a  touch keypad but one can also operate them with finger readers or digital code-entry systems if you want higher security. You can also use the manual version in electric shutters as electric doors come with a manual override.


Manual shutters are a perfect choice if you are looking for security for your residential or office building at an affordable price. It is the ideal option for most domestic and official buildings which have a small and accessible window and door apertures. They are a good choice for buildings that need to open the shutters only once or twice during the day. At ADV roller shutters in London,  we offer manually operated roller shutters for all kinds of buildings. These shutters are operated by cranks and winders. The opening and closing require manual effort. This may prove to be impractical in the case of large shutters as it will require a lot of effort. If you are looking for a shutter for a large area like a  loading bays, then you will have to consider electric roller shutters.


Electrically operated roller shutters will provide you with more ease and comfort. It is of crucial importance in residential buildings where there are a lot of doors and windows and the client desires to operate them together. It also requires less physical labor to open and close them. You can also operate them through remotes or laptops. They are especially useful  for large industrial and commercial premises. If you have a large loading bay, then these shutters will be suitable for you.

They can be set to operate automatically at a given time. You can even them through  your laptop. They not only open and close swiftly but also help in maintaining ultimate safety and optimum temperature wherever it is required( cleanrooms and deep-freeze facilities ).

Electric roller shutters are usually operated through a small motor that runs on electricity. You can also operate them through a battery. You can also find roller shutters powered by solar panels.

So contact us if you are looking for an electric shutter. We will install them at the earliest.