Mistakes you shouldn’t make with roller shutters

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Mistakes you shouldn’t make with roller shutters

Roller shutter demand is increasing all over the world whether it is house or business premises. This is true, the shutters are the best security solution in terms of increasing security and privacy. This guide will help you learn the mistakes which you should never make with security shutters.


Roller shutters are the ultimate solution to increase the security of your place. But, at times people can make certain mistakes which means the insurers will not pay you when there is an accident. You must regularly get the rolling shutters serviced so that their working mechanism is effective. If all the rules and regulations are not followed then someone may get injured or your premises are at high risk because the security shutter is not under the right working condition. If you are planning to get the roller shutter repair then you can talk to our experts to get the premium service.

The legislation

  • Under Regulation 5 (health Safety and Welfare) workplace, the shutters must be maintained in an effective state. You need to make sure they are checked at regular intervals along with proper inspection, testing, adjustment, repair, lubrication, and cleaning. The legislation does not have a specific time scale between the services. It means you need to make sure that the shutters are regularly checked and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. When you get the shutters installed, it is important to ask the supplier about the maintenance schedule.
  • With the regulation 6 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, 1998 is for the security shutters as well as all the powered doors. In this regulation, the shutters should not deteriorate to the state that it can put other people’s life at risk. In that case, it is the responsibility of the person who has the shutters to keep in mind the shutters are working properly and smoothly.

What is the need for roller shutter servicing?

Roll-up shutters need to be maintained in the right way so that they can work properly, whether it is residential or commercial shutters. If the shutters are not working properly then it can leave serious consequences and they might fail.

Regular maintenance will ensure that the shutters are working under the legislation and the insurer’s requirement will be met so that you can identify the potential problem and get a timely solution. This way it will also help to reduce the risk and extend the longevity of the shutters.

Contact the experts

If you are planning to get reliable and quality shutters then contact our team. We have years of experience to give the premium service as per your needs and desire to make your place properly safe and secure.