Most common roller shutter faults and how to fix them

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Most common roller shutter faults and how to fix them

Roller shutter doors are the ultimate protective shield for us. But if they stop working, it can lead to a lot of frustration. It will be especially detrimental and disadvantageous for businessmen who have a tight schedule catering to their daily operations and managing to deliver within the tight deadlines. There is hardly any time for tending to the damaged shutters. Of course, that matter should be dealt with professionally and efficiently. To avoid these complications, we must be careful while buying shutters. Be it industrial shutters or domestic shutters, we must consider the following points while using the shutters-

  1. Consider the power source

If the door is operated by electricity, the power loss could bring it in an useless condition. If the shutter stops operating, then you must check the power source. Make sure that everything related to the power source is in proper shape. After checking, try to operate the door again. It still fails to function; a power source failure is evident.

  1. Check the motor temperature 

An overheated motor is often the source of a shutter failure. If the above reason has been ruled out, then you must consider checking the motor temperature. If the motor is heated up, switch it off and give it some time to cool off. Try operating it after it has cooled down completely.

  1. Keep a tab on the emergency release chain 

In both types of shutters-electrically operated or manually, the shutters emergency release chain can be used to bring it in operation. Pull the chain to see if the door can be jerked into motion. If the door does not move, you will need an emergency call out.

  1. Keep the dirt away 

A shutter which can open only partially could well be an indication of dirt in the tracks. It is recommended that you carry out an inspection and identify the problem areas. If you find anything which could be blocking the tracks, remove it immediately. In case the shutter is electrically operated, turn off the power source before checking as it might lead to injuries and accidents.

  1. Keep a Check on the Door’s Condition 

Roller shutters are not immune to damage. They may incur dents, buckles or cracks while being operated. It may be happening more so if the shutter is operated in an industrial environment. So it is necessary that you identify and fix the problem areas if they are small. For the larger issues, you must get the services of a qualified professional for roller shutter repair.

  1. Don’t forget the Door Code 

In case the shutter is operated via code, you should keep a check on it. You must ensure that you are using the correct code for its operation. Use the code only after confirming with staff members of the installation company. If the door doesn’t operate even after using the correct code, you should use an emergency call out.