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New Roller Shutter in South London – Best Shutter Installer in South London

What are the types of Roller shutters available?

They need little space as they can be opened and shut in a vertical manner. The ease of use and least space occupying feature is a hit with most traders thus roller shutters have become a popular choice. If you are considering roller shutter installation at your place, ADV is the best choice. ADV is the best roller shutter installer company. So if you are looking for new roller shutter in south London, just contact us. We guarantee that you will have peace of mind after installing our shutters. Robustness, security and a multitude of other benefits are at your disposal when you install roller shutters.

But there is one major concern which needs to be tackled before you take the plunge. One could be careful about what one chooses. The roller shutters you choose must be according to your location, size of the opening, and choice. Various types of choices are described here-

  • Electric Roller shutters

These shutters are controlled by remote devices. A switch or a small motor can be used for the purpose. The buttons can be wall mounted or could be used in a handheld remote device form. You could opt for a solar-powered version instead of the normal ones which are connected to the main supply. One also has the choice of battery powered roller shutters. In case of push buttons, it is very convenient as you can open and close the doors irrespective of your location. The shutters may also installed with safety sensors. Roller shutters are a smart choice as they save on time and increase the efficiency of the workplace.

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  • Manual Roller shutters

Manual Roller shutters are an affordable option but they don’t offer the ease of use which the electric form offers. As opposed to the electric shutters, they have to be opened and closed manually. If the workplace requires a lot of opening and closing operations repeatedly, then it is not a very convenient option. It will eat up a lot of time and physical energy of the person engaged in this duty. They usually come with cranks or winders, which are used to open or close them. They need extra precautions when it comes to their repair and maintenance. They are at a greater risk of malfunctions as a result of problems in the functioning of a motor. Extra care is needed with such shutters as any carelessness can result in a major mishap. Your precious employees, workforce, assets and the vehicles nearby all are at a risk even if you are slightly careless in this aspect. It is beneficial if you summon expert help when a minor fault is detected as it could prevent it from escalating into a major issue. If ignored, the owner will have to bear heavy expenditure at a later stage. One advantage of the manual roller shutters is that they are environment-friendly as they don’t use electricity in their operation.

  • Fire roller shutters-

These shutters are available for organizations who want premium protection from fire. Canteens, restaurants, and hotels benefit from this kind of rollers shutters. They can limit the area of fire spread out and help the people concerned in buying time to render the fire brigade services or evacuate of the building. Whatever your need be, consider the options and the advantages carefully before making the final choice.